System Wide Ultrasound Directors

Zachary P. Soucy, DO, FACEP - Co-Chair

Svetlana Zakharchenko, DO, FACEP - Co-Chair


As POCUS is increasingly utilized by a variety of specialties, EPs step up to the leadership forefront implementing POCUS infrastructure.  There is demand by hospital network administrators to institute a comprehensive approach to deploying POCUS broadly. Our subcommittee provides SWCUS resources to the ACEP EUS community and is dedicated to support anyone starting a system-wide program, expanding their efforts, or experiencing challenges achieving their goals.

Prior Accomplishments

SWCUS Town Hall Recording: A collaborative discussion among ACEP, SAEM and AAEM members regarding developing system-wide clinical ultrasound committees. Moderated by ACEP US Chair Nova Panebianco with panelists Dr. Rob Strony, Dr. Zach Soucy (ACEP US System-Wide Subcommittee chairs) and expert Dr. Amie Woods, this video gives lessons learned when starting these committees and helpful ideas for successful implementation. A huge THANK YOU should go to Dr. Rachel Liu for recording the event and getting the transcript together!

SWCUS Supported video documents

Future Objectives

  • Continue to conduct Spring Town Hall meetings
  • Winter subcommittee meeting
  • Further Web enhancement on POCUS Workflow and POCUS Alliance
    • Specialty docs, SWCUS Roadmap, Bill code sustainability, IS/IT EMR Middleware, Quality, Education
  • Large scale SWCUS publication
    • Coming Soon!
  • Collaboration with other EUS subcommittees
  • Advance alliances with clinicians in other specialties working on similar goals
  • Create a roster of current technology/vendors available and outline their products' specifics suitable specifically for system-wide POCUS implementation.

SWCUS Toolkit

Section 1: Governance

Section 2: Procurement

Section 3: Image Archiving and Workflow Solutions

Section 4: Revenue Capture

Section 5: Credentialing, Competency, and QA

Section 6: SWCUD Relevant Articles

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