September 28, 2016

Join us at the Annual Dual Training Section meeting at ACEP16!

Another year has gone by since we all last met in Boston for ACEP15. This year's scientific assembly will be Las Vegas and will surely be a great meeting. Please encourage all of your residents and faculty who will be in attendance for the conference to attend the section meeting.

The Dual Training Section will meet:

Monday, October 17
11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Room: Tropics B*
Mandalay Bay Resort
*Please check the onsite program in case of last minutes room changes.

Elections will be held at the meeting for Section Chair-elect, Secretary/Newsletter Editor and Alternate Councillor.

Job descriptions (taken from the section operational guidelines):

Chair Elect

(serves as Chair-elect for 2 years then as Chair for 2 years):

  • Shall serve as an officer of the section. 
  • Shall assist the chair in section duties as designated by the chair.
  • Shall serve as chair in the absence, resignation, or death of the chair.

Secretary/Newsletter Editor:

  • Shall take the minutes of the annual meeting of the section and submit to the appropriate section communication vehicle.
  • Shall provide the Board of Directors the names of the elected section officers.
  • Shall assist the section chair in the preparation of an annual meeting and the chair of other committees of the section, as requested.
  • Shall distribute to the membership via the section newsletter or other communications vehicle.
  • The minutes of the annual meeting of the section.
  • Such information as shall from time to time be of interest to members of the section.
  • Shall notify members regarding their appointment to any committees of the section and shall send copies of such notification to the executive director of the College.
  • Shall give due notice of all meetings of the section and the Section Executive Committee to the membership of the section and the Board of Directors of the College.
  • Shall serve as editor of the section newsletter.
  • Shall carry out such other duties as are assigned by the chair of the section and the Board of Directors of the College

Alternate Councillor

(serves as Alternate Councillor for 2 years then as Councillor for 2 years):

  • Duties of the councillor and alternate councillor(s)
  • Shall represent the section at the Council meeting.
  • Shall have duties, obligations, and privileges as designated by the Bylaws and procedures adopted by the Council.
  • Shall keep the section informed of all Council activities before, during, and between sessions and report to the section, in its newsletter and/or other communication vehicles, all important matters considered.
  • Shall bring any resolutions that are developed to the Council from the section.
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