February 3, 2016

Message from the Chair


Healthcare seems to be in the news as much as certain presidential candidates. Unlike politics which gets press in cycles, pressures on health care to decrease cost, improve outcomes and better the patient experience are continual. The delivery of healthcare is being done on a superior level by physicians like you all over the country. However, there are few groups of physicians, such as those in the dual section, who see the continuity of care and the opportunities in the system. While these opportunities may not cure cancer, the ability to recognize waste in the system and provide alternatives effects more patients than curing cancer ever will.

I would encourage you, in your organizations, to be champions of change. You do not need an MBA or Six Sigma Black belt to show that improvements in patient flow, diagnostic test turn around, or room turn-over can help patient care and potentially even save money. Spend five minutes at the end of your shift to write down ideas for changes that would improve patient care and flow. Share these ideas with colleagues who focus on operations. Ask colleagues at other institutions if they have any best practices that could be replicated and then unabashedly borrow and share with your own institution. These ideas change healthcare delivery, they are not proprietary, they will allow you serve your patients better and be better doctors.

We are moving into a new era of healthcare and I firmly believe our section members have a unique opportunities based on our training to lead this change. Be that change.

Christian M. Coletti, MD, FACEP

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