October 8, 2023

EMRA Residency Program Fair Highlighting Combined Residency Programs

For the first time, the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association’s (EMRA’s) Residency Program Fair at ACEP23 will highlight  combined residency programs. The goal is to raise the profile of these important and unique programs.

There are currently five different paths available to medical students interested in diversifying their emergency medicine training or building a unique career path based on dual training in pediatrics, anesthesia, internal medicine, family medicine, or internal medicine/critical care. Each of these paths, and the programs that offer them, are truly individual, and each has its own areas of particular interest.

In a world where medicine is increasingly becoming further divided into silos, these training paths offer the opportunity to help to build bridges and fill niches that are not clearly defined by one area of training.

Additionally, combined training programs pay dividends to those who otherwise would be forced to pursue the individual programs separately to attain their career goals. Each program offers between one to two years of reduced overall training time, depending on the program.

It is important to take the time to investigate each of these different programs closely if you have an interest in one of these paths, as, even more so than in traditional emergency medicine training, each particular program will have its own flavor and individualized training opportunities.

The EMRA Residency Program Fair is on Sunday, October 8, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm ET, at ACEP23 in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Hall D. Stop by and look for the new signs indicating combined training programs. These programs could help you make the best choice in your residency search.

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