September 28, 2016

From the Chair

The path less traveled. I would argue that by definition, being a member of the dual section is a path less traveled. These less traveled paths may not always have street signs, there may not be directions on Google Maps and sometimes it is unclear as to whether or not you are on a path at all. While there is a lot of comfort being on a well-traveled path, the path less traveled can be very freeing and you can often blaze a new one. I am not one to typically use so many metaphors when writing but I think it is apt in this case. 

As dual trained physicians, we look at the world in a different way. Sometimes, there may not be a job with the description that we want. I would argue that each of us is in a unique position to create our own roles within a group, a hospital or academic setting. Not only does creating your own path lead to more interesting roles and jobs for you but it also creates that path for another Dual Trained member behind you. In some way, many of us have been doing this already. How many residents in dual training programs decided on this path because they have worked with or met someone in the section?

I urge you to continue to blaze new paths in your work not only for you but for those yet to come.

Christian M. Coletti, MD, FACEP

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