September 28, 2016

From the Editor

In our last edition of Dually Noted, I discussed with Drs. Bond and Winters from the University of Maryland about the possibility of an EM/IM resident from a program not affiliated with the University of Maryland transferring to their program in order to complete the EM/IM/CCM fellowship track in their 6th year of training. There are many logistical hurdles to overcome before this could be accomplished. The curriculum for the EM/IM/CCM track actually begins in the 4th year of training and accelerates in their 5th year of residency where a large portion of that year is spent as an ICU fellow. By the end of their 5th year they have successfully completed all of their EM/IM residency training requirements and will be a full time critical care fellow when entering their 6th year. 

From the outside looking in it may appear that the 6 year EM/IM/CCM training programs are a 5 year residency plus a 1 year fellowship, this is not actually the case. Critical care fellowship is a two-year fellowship, that for these residents begin while they are still in residency, usually in their 5th year. For this reason a transferring resident would likely have to transfer in their 5th year of training and stay at their new institution for 2 years. At the University of Maryland funding was not available to incorporate this transferring resident into their senior EM/IM class and they were unable to transfer.

Andy Deitchman, MD

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