January 4, 2021

Message from the Newsletter Editor

Greetings fellow TEMS section members

I want to thank Dr. Keegan Bradley for his exceptional work as TEMS newsletter editor over the past 2 years.

By way of introduction, I have been an ACEP TEMS member for several years and am medical director for a tactical medical team. I have appreciated the open sharing of information and experiences among clinicians who practice in this field. 

I hope to continue with Dr. Bradley’s format for the quarterly TEMS newsletter.  In recognition of the wide variety of settings we all practice in, (from the formal, large, compensated roles to the smaller, rural, informal law enforcement support, to the TEMS instructors and researchers) I hope to include all relevant voices that fall under the umbrella of medicine in support of law enforcement. As with EMS, once you’ve seen one TEMS system, you’ve seen one TEMS system.

Thank you to all who have contributed in the past. I want to encourage you to continue to send in your contributions – this is your newsletter and a terrific way to share information.

Newsletter sections for your submission consideration are:

  1. CASE REPORT: any type of case report, whether care was delivered by physician, medic or LEO.
  2. SECTION NEWS: updates/news from TEMS section leadership
  3. TRAINING PROGRAMS: this is not meant to endorse any one program, rather to offer a reference to those looking for worthwhile training opportunities.
  4. FEATURED ARTICLE: medical or LE submissions on relevant TEMS issues
  5. PRODUCT REVIEW: personal reviews of new medical or tactical gear, journals, podcasts, texts etc.
  6. ARTICLE REVIEW: highlighting relevant published articles
  7. MISCELLANEOUS: for contributions that don’t fit tidily into one of the above categories. We all work in a variety of settings, have a variety of roles and work with a variety of agencies so this section allows for some flexibility.
  8. UPCOMING MEETINGS/CONFERENCES: let me know of any upcoming conferences of interest for the year.

Please reach out to me with any submissions or suggestions you have for the newsletter, or any other concerns you have.

I look forward to working with you in the upcoming year.


Dominique Wong, MD
TEMS Editor

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