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Presented in conjunction with Stanford University StEMI X innovators, the Emergency Medicine Innovation Collaborative, ACEP Emergency Medicine Data Institute and ACEP’s Health IT Committee, HackED! can help solve your most pressing emergency medicine problems.

Harness the power of emergency medicine problem-solving and build your own solutions alongside the technical know-how of proven innovators.

We’re in Philadelphia this year, home to Pennsylvania's largest tech hub. Let's lean into that proximity and leverage some EM innovation during ACEP23. 

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HackED! Basics

  • Any ACEP23 registered attendee can sign up
  • HackED! is free for ACEP23 attendees to participate
  • Showcased on the floor of the ACEP23 Exhibit Hall at the Pennsylvania Convention Center
  • Choose one of two tracks (see more below):
    • Innovation Challenge
    • Hackathon - Healthcare at Home
  • For two-and-a-half days, teams consisting of diverse experts will work on impactful, practical EM solutions.
  • Concepts and works-in-progress can be viewed each day.
  • All ACEP23 attendees can provide feedback as the teams work on their solutions.
  • Prizes will be awarded from a panel of judges.

Sign Up & Hack Away


Learn About the 2023 HackED! Tracks

Choose from two tracks - Innovation Challenge or Hackathon.

You, along with your team members who represent subject matter expertise across clinical and technical domains, will receive information that describes a problem, relevant literature, and any resources (such as data or an example app) that may be helpful.

Teams, organized in advance of ACEP23, will be self-governed and are responsible for coordinating their workflows and schedules. Coaches will be made available for each team.

Innovation Challenge

Emergency Physicians can build and design innovative models that address the question: “How might we improve acute care in terms of experience, outcomes, or cost?”

This track aims to create a refined idea with a pitch deck that will be presented during the pitch competition (fully built end-to-end products are not required). 

Participants can choose from a variety of paths:

  • Social EM
    • Exploring the intersection of social determinants and the acute care system and how these act together to impact patients and our most vulnerable communities
  • Health Policy
    • Designing new frameworks for care model reimbursement or delivery
  • Acute Care Inside the ED
    • Addressing efficiency, safety, quality, and outcomes of acute care delivered within the four walls of an ED
  • Acute Care Outside the ED
    • Designing new care delivery models (e.g., virtual triage, urgent care models, hospital at home, freestanding EDs)
  • Devices
    • Supporting physical device innovation supporting point-of-care diagnostics, imaging or treatment (e.g., ultrasound, intubation) or remote patient modeling


This track focuses exclsuviely on Hospital at Home (H@H), an emerging trend for patients who require inpatient care but will receive it in their home. This trend will directly affect the discharge process for patients, as many H@H admissions may come from ED visits. Emergency physicians may be involved in the care of the H@H patients, as their expertise involves observation medicine and treatment of acute care issues.

Participants will work in teams to build a unique end-to-end solution for implementing a hospital at home program. Hackathon participants will have access to digital tools and data to support the development of their products. Teams can begin designing and building as soon as they are formed. All hackathon teams will present their products through a pitch competition that will occur on the final day of ACEP23.


More About the Competition

HackED! will be judged by a mix of physician leaders, innovators, informaticists, and technical experts. On the last day of HackED!, the judges and audience will hear members of the teams pitch their solutions.

Judges Criteria

  • Feasibility/Viability
  • Impact
  • Progress

Important Participant Information

  • Bring your own devices
  • Engagement > Skills
  • If your plans change and you cannot attend or cannot fully commit, let ACEP know as soon as possible

HackED! Schedule

Event and schedule details coming soon.

October 9-12

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