June 10, 2021

QIPS Resolution Updates

At ACEP, QIPS has a seat at the table—the council table! The ACEP council is a legislative body similar to the U.S. House of Representatives. Every year, we get together and discuss the most current issues in emergency medicine and vote on the direction that our college should take on a whole host of issues.

Here’s a timeline of QIPS council activities for 2021:

January - March:

Collect ideas, research content and draft resolutions

April - June:

Refine resolution drafts, engage key stakeholders, and plan our resolution coalition. This is also the time that we offer content suggestions or edits to resolutions from other groups or sections who have asked QIPS to co-sponsor their resolution.

June - September:

Recruit co-sponsors for QIPS resolutions. Continue to vet and support/abstain from other group or section resolutions. This is also the time to summarize the 2021 resolution compendium and make recommendations on whether or not to support and whether to speak for/against at the October ACEP Council Meeting.

October - December:

The ACEP Council Meeting is over—this is the prime time to convert the successful resolutions into reality by joining ACEP committees and realizing the vision laid out by the Council and the ACEP membership.

Thank you to all the engaged QIPS members who have contributed to our 2021 resolution on providing a free basic annual performance measure data report for small, rural, and critical access hospital emergency departments. We are polishing the final draft now and are excited to start piling on co-sponsors. Furthermore, our member driven idea for a resolution on compensation recommendations for ED quality leaders has evolved into a “Do-It-Now” project. Keep an eye out for a QIPS survey on compensation for ED quality leaders. Our intention to curate the data and prepare a tool kit for EM physician quality leaders to make the case for a compensated physician QI role at your hospital or ED.

Bobby Redwood, MD, MPH, FACEP