September 10, 2020

Letter from Website Editor

Dear QIPS members,

As my time as the Website Editor for QIPS is coming to an end, I wanted to share some information about new and upcoming changes to make to the website benefit our members.

Thank you to all QIPS members that completed our membership survey.  Comments we received about the website included:

  • “I like the improvements underway. The visuals are nice.  The layout is easy to follow.  I have not gotten in the habit of coming to the website for anything as of yet, but that could change.
  • Up-to-date resources on hot topics
  • Online tools, learning materials, best practices, and examples of success
  • It seems like the information is all over the place. In awards, the last award was in 2011.
  • It would be great if the website served as a place for inspiration for new projects based on what other programs have done.
  • Continued shared learning on process, projects and outcomes.
  • More resources, off the shelf kit for QI projects
  • Help define the scope of which QI roles are under the purview of EM and which should be handled by other departments. Provide a few models for EM admin/QI leadership structure.
  • More up to date information. More information on the regulatory environment (ie MIPS)
  • Concise high quality ideas tips to improve safety and quality. Concise outlines how quality and safety projects were implemented and worked in EDs
  • Link to post question and receive answers from other experts in the field

With this feedback from our member survey, we committed to taking a phased approach to getting the website updated. We first added COVID-19 relevant resources and will continue to grow this resource. The next phase was reorganizing the links and removing information that was either outdated or no longer useful to our members.  Our next phase will be to update the website and we are scheduling our next website work meeting to get each link updated.  Our final phase will be adding new information which will be ongoing and we plan to incorporate the member feedback we received to help us make these changes.  Thank you for allowing me to serve as your website editor and please think about running for this role so you can help us continue to improve our site.


V. Ramana Feeser MD
Website Editor, ACEP Quality Improvement Patient Safety Section