January 20, 2023

PEER Aligns With the Foundations of EM Residency Program Curriculum

ACEP is thrilled to announce the launch of PEER’s collaboration with Foundations of Emergency Medicine. While PEER provides high-quality study materials on the full breadth of EM topics to help residents pass their board exams, Foundations of EM offers a series of open-access courses used by EM residency programs across the country. Now, PEER and Foundations of EM are working together to ensure residents succeed in learning core EM concepts to flourish not only on their exams but, more importantly, in their everyday practice.

Residents who subscribe to PEERprep for Physicians or those who get PEERprep for Programs through their residency programs can now access weekly PEER quizzes with questions aligned to each unit of the Foundations of EM coursework. PEER’s Editors-in-Chief have carefully selected 15 to 20 of the most relevant questions for the conditions and cases covered in the curriculum. Each PEER question undergoes a thorough review process by multiple practicing emergency physicians to ensure residents learn the key takeaways. These quizzes, complete with detailed feedback and PEER Pearl infographics, will help residents assess their learning and allow program directors to track residents’ progress on specific topics.

Foundations 1 is designed for junior emergency medicine learners, while Foundations 2 is designed for senior emergency medicine learners. Each course is divided into 30 weekly units, and PEER provides curated quizzes for each unit, including all 15 learning pathways covered in Foundations 1 and 2: abdominal/gastrointestinal, pulmonology, cardiology/vascular, trauma, pediatrics, HEENT, infectious disease, neurology/musculoskeletal/orthopedics, toxicology/environmental, renal/genitourinary, obstetrics and gynecology, endocrine/metabolic, hematology/oncology, psychiatry, and rheumatology/immunology/dermatology.


Foundations 3 is designed for residents in their third and fourth years of residency and covers crucial topics for emergency physicians like personal development, ethics, special populations, advanced clinical skills, critical care, billing, bias, legal issues, and patient-centered communication. PEER’s Foundations 3 quizzes will launch in July 2023.

Get a leg up on the competition today with PEER’s Foundations of EM quiz sets. Contact us at peer@acep.org to learn more, or sign up your residency program today!

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