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Wellness Section


Section Officers & Staff

Randy Sorge, MD
Lara Vanyo, MD
Jayram Pai, MD
Immediate Past Chair
Randall Levin, MD, FACEP
Kay Moody, DO, MPH, FACEP
Alternate Councillor
Kristen Nordenholz, MD, MSc, FACEP
Alternate Councillor
Susan Haney, MD, FACEP
Alternate Councillor
Wendy Laine, MD
Alternate Councillor
Rosanna Sikora, MD, FACEP
Alternate Councillor
Julia Huber, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison
Gabor Kelen, MD, FACEP

Well Physicians Make For Well Patients

Are you looking for health and wellness support in your emergency medicine career? The Wellness Section is it!

Whether you’re a resident or nearing retirement, this group provides an opportunity to learn what you can do to avoid burnout, enjoy a balanced life, and keep the vitality necessary to be a healthy emergency physician. Section members are involved in research on a variety of wellness issues and, in addition, have an opportunity to volunteer for peer-to-peer support on career issues and litigation stress. 

Wellness Section members may send an email to all members of this section via the section e-list at acep_wellnesssection@ConnectedCommunity.org.

You can also access the engagED Wellness Section Community by clicking here.


Wellness Events


ACEP18 Wellness Section Meeting Speed Run

At the ACEP18 Wellness Section meeting, a great deal happened in a short amount of time, so here's a super speed rundown of the events. We held elections for our 2018-2020 Officers, and have an officer team of engaged, dedicated members ready for the road ahead - see sidebar for the new team. Former Board Liaison Dr. Jay Kaplan updated us on the National Academy of Medicine Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience. Drs. Randy Levin and Matthew Wong accepted awards for outstanding newsletter, and Dr. Pamela Ross accepted an award for promotion of section membership. We also thanked, and said a fond farewell to our immediate past Chair, Dr. Pamela Ross. We left the meeting inspired and excited for the year to come. 

2019 EM Wellness Week - April 7-13, 2019 - #iEMwell19

Because the most important life you save is your own. 

Sign up online for daily wellness tips, find resources and videos about better wellness, and share your stories of improvement. acep.org/emwellnessweek/  

National Suicide Prevention Week - September 10-17 - #BeThe1to

September 10-16 ACEP will be taking part in National Suicide Prevention Week with a week-long campaign focusing on the multi-layered issues with mental health care in the ED. We’ll share and discuss treatment resources for civilians and veterans, including a new bedside tool, and barriers to psychiatric care for our patients.

We close out the week on September 17th by participating in the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors (CORD)’s National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, where we focus on Doc-to-Doc resources for medical students, residents, and Attendings, and advocate for the removal of barriers to psychiatric care for physicians. 

Join the conversation, remove the stigma. Let’s realize #VisionZero. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Section Grants


The Wellness Section was the recipient of a 2018 section grant: The Impact of Work System Design on Physician Occupational Health, featuring Katherine Sanders, PhD. The grant explored the impact of systemic issues on phyisican health, and what can be done to improve work systems to positively impact physician wellness.  Click here to see the ACEP17 section grant presentation, delivered by Katherine Sanders at the wellness section meeting.


The Wellness Section was the recipient of a 2011 section grant: Resilient Emergency Physicians: the personal, chronobiologic and organizational characteristics of burnout-resistance.  The study describes and promulgates the factors which are common among resilient EPs who enjoy a long, positive career. 


Wellness Resources

Being Well in Emergency Medicine: ACEP's Guide to Investing In Yourself Rita A. Manfredi, MD, FACEP and Julia Huber, MD, FACEP

Turning the ACEP Wellness Wheel into My Sabbatical - Daniel Lakoff, MD, FACEP

Wellness Is More Than Eating Right and Exercising More: ACEP’s Visionary Concept of Well-Being - Rita A. Manfredi, MD, FACEP

EMRA Wellness Committee Survey Measures Burnout Among Emergency Medicine Residents - Lara Vanyo, MD, and Randy Sorge, MD

Recognizing You Are on the Road to Burnout—and What to Do  - Laura McPeake, MD, FACEP

How Physicians Can Be Healthier Than Their Patients - Catherine A. Marco, MD; Michelle D. Lall, MD, MHS; Matthew L. Wong, MD, MPH; and Raquel M. Schears, MD, MPH

Resilience Training, Mindfulness Can Ease Emergency Department Stress - Daniel R. Martin, MD, MBA; & Rebecca Goett, MD, on behalf of the ACEP Ethics Committee

Stigma Surrounding Physician Suicides Means Many Go Unreported - Lori Weichenthal, MD, FACEP

More Wellness Resources Available Here

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