Observation Medicine

Section Officers & Staff

Christopher Caspers, MD, FACEP
Margarita Pena, MD, FACEP
Secretary, Newsletter Editor
Maria Aini, MD
Alexei Wagner, MD
Alternate Councillor
Adam Rodos, MD, FACEP
Immediate Past Chair
Matthew Wheatley, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison
James L. Shoemaker, Jr., MD, FACEP
Staff Liaison
Sandra M. Schneider, MD, FACEP

If crowding and boarding are issues you are faced with in your ED, you will want to join this section. Observation medicine, founded by emergency physicians, is one way of addressing patient flow. This section provides information on how to set-up an observation unit and even provides protocols for you to use. Joining this section will provide you with a great opportunity to network with nationally known leaders in this area.

Observation Medicine Section members may send an email to all members of the section via engagED.

Dr. Christopher Baugh and Dr. Anwar Osborne on 'ACEP Frontline'

Host of 'ACEP Frontline' Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP talks to Christopher Baugh, MD, FACEP and Anwar Osborne, MD, FACEP on the growth and importance of observation medicine in emergency medicine. Listen to the Audio Podcast. Released on December 27, 2016.

Observation Services Toolkit

This toolkit was developed and compiled by members of the ACEP Observation Medicine Section and the Emergency Medicine Practice Committee to provide members with resources on how to start emergency department (ED) observation services, billing and reimbursement information and quality improvement tools.

Society of Chest Pain Centers

The Society promotes protocol based medicine, often delivered through a Chest Pain Center model to address the diagnosis and treatment of acute coronary syndromes, heart failure, and to promote the adoption of process improvement science by healthcare providers.

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