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Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation System-Level Award

The Geriatric Emergency Care System Excellence Award recognizes healthcare systems that have established high-quality Geriatric Emergency Departments (GEDs) across multiple, if not all, of their Emergency Departments. This prestigious award recognizes the system’s comprehensive commitment to addressing the unique needs of the older adult population and ensuring that care processes are in place to provide geriatric-friendly, compassionate care. This award is a testament to the collective efforts of leaders and members of the healthcare systems, their holistic approach, interdisciplinary teamwork, and impactful contributions to the well-being of the older adult population in their communities.


  1. A health system can achieve this special recognition when at least 80% or 10 of their system EDs has received a GED accreditation award within the same 3-year time period.
  2. System leadership completion of the GED health system questionnaire.
  3. System GEDs join the Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative (GEDC).


  1. Upon receipt of the above-mentioned questionnaire, ACEP will provide a certificate of recognition as a system leader in GEM. The certificate will be addressed to the author of the questionnaire.  
  2. ACEP will also provide each ED a new certificate that includes the health system seal.
  3. Recognition plaques will be provided to the two main champions selected by your health system for their leadership towards this achievement.
  4. ACEP will help promote this achievement through its channels.


Steps to Successful GED Accreditation Across a Healthcare System 

Awards List

  • Advocate Aurora Health
  • Cleveland Clinic Health System
  • Mount Sinai Health System
  • Northwell
  • Prime Healthcare
  • Rochester Regional Health
  • Scripps Health
  • The Queen's Health System
  • University of Vermont Health Network
  • Veterans’ Health Administration
  • Yale New Haven Health


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