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About the Process

What to expect during the application process

(Note: criteria and process are subject to annual revisions.)


Determine appropriate accreditation level for your institution

Prepare documents for online application (see sample documents tab in FAQs)


Online Application

Create a login and complete application via online application portal

Submit application fee


Site Visit

ACEP will assign a reviewer for the site visit

Level 1: Required phone conversation post application, and mandatory virtual site visit

Level 2: Discretionary phone conversation post application, and discretionary virtual site visit



Level 1 applicants will be notified of decision within 8 weeks after site visit has been conducted.

Level 2 and 3 applicants will be notified of decision within 16 to 18 weeks after online application is submitted.


Criteria Outline

The following criteria outline the minimum standards for accreditation of a geriatric ED in three levels. Institutions seeking accreditation will be required to submit a completed online application along with required documentation and an application fee. Submitted applications will be reviewed for completeness by ACEP GEDA staff first, followed by a comprehensive evaluation by a team of ACEP-appointed physician reviewers.

Site visits will be required for Level 1 applicants, and may be requested either in person or via video conference for Level 2 applicants. Once the reviewer completes the evaluation, all applications must be approved by the GEDA Board of Governors. Once approved, hospitals will receive an accreditation certificate.


Level 3 accreditation is represented by one or more geriatric-specific initiatives that are reasonably expected to elevate the level of elder care in one or more specific areas. Additionally, personnel to implement these efforts are identified and trained.

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Level 2 accreditation identifies sites that have integrated and sustained older adult care initiatives into daily operations. They demonstrate interdisciplinary cooperation for delivery of senior friendly services and have an established supervisor or director coordinating staff tasked with the daily performance of these services.

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Level 1 accreditation defines an ED with policies, guidelines, procedures, and staff (both within the ED and throughout the institution) providing a coherent system of care targeting and measuring specific ED outcomes for older adults elevating ED operations and transitions of care both to and from the ED, all coordinated for the improved care of older adults. Additionally identified physical plant enhancements targeted to improve older adult care exist.

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