February 20, 2024

Emerging Technology Subcommittee Update

Rachel B. Liu, MD, FACEP and Jacob Schoeneck, MD

The Emerging Technology Subcommittee exists to inform the community and facilitate discussion about innovations in emergency ultrasound. This can be anything from newer applications to advances in both hardware and software. It also functions as an intermediary between community members, including junior faculty and fellows, and the Industry RoundTable.

In the past, we have provided charted information on handheld devices, a webinar for junior faculty and workflow, and resources on how to think of integrating new innovations to a hospital or health system.

We would like to build on the above this year and start working on charts that provide information regarding different workflow solutions (middleware), artificial intelligence solutions, and meet-and-greets with vendor leadership. We also plan to cohost a session with the Industry RoundTable group to inform you of the work going on there.

We are always looking for new ideas and future leaders/chairs. If you’re interested, please email Rachel at rachel.liu@yale.edu and Jake at jacob.schoeneck@gmail.com.

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