February 28, 2024

ACEP Critical Care Subcommittee Update

Robert T. Stenberg, MD, FACEP and Natalie T. Truong, MD

The ACEP Critical Care Subcommittee has been working on expanding, finalizing, and disseminating our critical care pocket cards. We will publish our echo cards in the ACEP US Section Newsletter and are collaborating with the pediatrics subcommittee to create pediatric cards.

Our next set of cards will focus on TEE. This complements another major subcommittee project: the creation of a TEE toolkit designed to help programs establish TEE in their ED. It has been released, and we will continue to modify as more resources release, and we get more feedback:

https://sites.google.com/view/tee-roadmap/home. We are also exploring the creation of TEE surveys (usage and probes/machines).

We will have a lot of opportunities for those interested in involvement! Please e-mail Stenberg.bob@gmail.com and natalie.truong4@gmail.com if you wish to be involved in anything mentioned or would like to hear more.

We are also very excited as Dr. Natalie Truong steps in as Co-Chair as Dr. Zan Jafry transitions out!

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