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ACEP will soon offer a tiered Emergency Department Accreditation Program to establish transparency by recognizing hospitals with EDs that meet several key criteria and provide the best patient care possible.

Over the last 30 years, ACEP has been the leader in developing policies that set the standard for the practice of Emergency Medicine and support the emergency physician, the emergency patient and the entire emergency team.

Currently, no accreditation or classification programs recognize EDs that adhere to these policies and practice standards.

The nation’s emergency departments vary in staffing, capabilities and working conditions. Hospitals and emergency departments committed to high, evidence-based standards, including staffing by board-certified emergency physicians, should be recognized for their efforts to provide the best care possible to the communities they serve.

The ED Accreditation Program will help improve patient care and promote fair, productive and safe working environments for emergency physicians and other members of the emergency care team through the implementation of evidence-based policies and practices across all practice settings and all staffing models.

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Vision and Value Proposition

The overall goal of accreditation is to elevate the practice of emergency medicine and the role of emergency physicians. Meeting accreditation standards can add value for patients, physicians, the emergency team and hospitals.

  • PATIENTS will be able to see the hospital and physician group’s commitment to providing quality care in an optimal setting.
  • PHYSICIANS and team members will work in fair, safe, productive and efficient working environments.
  • HOSPITALS will see market distinction through their commitment to the highest standards in emergency care.


ACEP ED Accreditation Task Force Convened – October 2022

ACEP Board approves moving forward with ED Accreditation Program – January 2023

ED Accreditation applications open for acceptance – Spring 2024

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