October 23, 2020

Happy Birthday, CEDR!

Happy Birthday, CEDR! Here's to Your Evolution!

The Clinical Emergency Data Registry, or CEDR, is 5 years old and growing into a mature platform of which we can all be proud. It was in 2015 that ACEP embarked upon a courageous journey to expand its value to members by joining the vast world of data registries. As a result, CEDR was born! Designated as a qualified clinical data registry by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), CEDR's original primary purpose was to provide emergency physicians with a vehicle by which to seamlessly participate in CMS' Quality Payment Program, the Merit-based Incentives Program System (MIPS), by submitting quality measures on performance. Today, CEDR has captured data on over 65 million emergency department visits and saved emergency physicians more than $300 million in avoided penalties. ACEP's original investment in CEDR has yielded valuable returns for emergency physicians, and while several registries have succumbed to CMS' increasingly strict requirements, CEDR has survived with exemplary flying colors.

While these accomplishments are indeed impressive, the College is hungry for more progress and recognizes that CEDR's full capacity is far from achieved. CEDR's role as a platform, by which to comply with CMS' Quality Payment Program is only the tip of the iceberg! It is now time to expand ACEP's quality line of business to include a more robust CEDR with diversified function. As we prepare to meet the demands of the future, CEDR 2.0 - a comprehensive digital platform - is next. This generation of the registry will strategically include data analytics to support research, expand support of business requirements beyond MIPS, data acquisition and integration, comparative benchmarking, the capacity to develop artificial/augmented intelligence and machine learning, and much more. New technology partners with varied types of expertise will also be sought. Currently, an ambitious CEDR 2.0 Task Force is working hard to ensure that the next generation platform includes all the components necessary to thrive. CEDR 2.0 will expand ACEP's digital footprint and influence, which could solidify emergency medicine as a trailblazer in health care delivery transformation.