January 11, 2022

Join an AAWEP Committee

Section committee membership is an ideal way to hone your leadership skills and connect with other women emergency physicians. Help shape future AAWEP projects, write a resolution, apply for a grant, give a lecture, or build a new social media campaign. The options are endless!

Education Committee: Would you like to shape the ACEP20 education program? Help recruit speakers for the annual AAWEP Section Meeting.

Awards Committee: Celebrate your superstar colleagues – and yourself – by rewarding hard work, excellence, and leadership. Help us nominate and honor emergency physicians who inspire greatness!

Membership Committee: Do you have what it takes to help AAWEP reach 2,000 members by 2020? Help us attract new members, inspire section loyalty, and encourage our male colleagues to support the AAWEP mission.

Social Media Committee: Calling social butterflies and Twitter super users! If you know how to get people talking, texting, and sharing, we desperately need your help.

Resolution Committee: Enact meaningful change and be part of the action at the next ACEP Council Meeting! If you have an idea or policy you’d like to submit – but just don't know where to start – this is the committee for you.

Special Projects Committee: Author a book chapter on gender bias, design a salary database, write a white paper on paid parental leave, or garner support for a pet project of your own. This committee is a perfect creative outlet for big ideas.

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Awards Committee

Education Committee

Membership Committee

Newsletter Committee

Social Medial Committee

Resolution Committee

Special Projects Committee

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