June 20, 2023

Get Behind AAWEP’s Resolutions

We are proud of our section’s success in authoring and sponsoring several ACEP Council Resolutions and our efforts to advocate on behalf of our section members' interests on key issues. The resolutions, which address topics of particular importance to women emergency physicians, affect real change in the way our members practice medicine, support their communities, and thrive as physicians and individuals.

Following are the actions taken on resolutions sponsored by AAWEP, many of which were written by AAWEP members. If you are interested in authoring a resolution or need help getting started with an idea, please contact our staff liaison, who will connect you with our AAWEP Council representative.

For more information, please see our comprehensive list of actions on all ACEP Council Resolutions. If you'd like to get started writing resolutions, visit our resolution guidelines.

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