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Book Review: In the Blood

I'd like to recommend a fantastic new book. “IN THE BLOOD” is a fascinating, fast-paced, really well-written book about the invention of QuikClot and Combat Gauze with the discovery of the hemostatic ...

Book Review: Silent Parade

Dr. Gerald O'Malley reviews Silent Parade, a Detective Galileo Novel by Keigo Higashino

Book Review: Flowering of the Bamboo

Dr. Gerald O'Malley reviews the book Flowering of the Bamboo, written by William C. Triplett II.

Movie Review: Requiem for a Dream

Gerald O'Malley, DO, FACEP Whenever a group of tox geeks get together to talk movies, Requiem for a Dream invariably comes up as someone’s favorite. Released in 2000 and starring Ellen Burstyn, Jennif...

Book Review: Blackout – Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget

Gerald O’Malley, DO, FACEP Sarah Hepola is a staff writer and editor at Salon and has published in several other online outlets and magazines. She lives in Dallas, TX and BLACKOUT: REMEMBERING THE THI...

Movie Review: Maria Full of Grace

Gerald O'Malley, DO, FACEP Maria Full of Grace from 2004 is a harrowing movie that documents the terrifying and desperate journey of a pregnant young woman who, in an attempt to escape her dead-end fu...

Music Review: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Gerald O'Malley, DO, FACEP “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, along with “White Rabbit”, serves as a pillar of reference for the exploration of psychedelic drugs found in the music of the late ‘60 and e...

Music Review: White Rabbit

Gerald O’Malley, DO, FACEP   One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small And the ones that mother gives you, don't do anything at all   Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall   And if you ...

Book Review: Time Release

Gerald O’Malley, DO, FACEP Since this review is being posted on Christmas Eve, I thought I’d give all of you an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus present and introduce you to one of the best, ...

Movie Review: Trainspotting

by Gerald O'Malley, DO, FACEP There are several different definitions of trainspotting - some of them stupid (staring over a DJ’s shoulder to see which record he will play next) and some of them accur...

Book Review: Poisoner-In-Chief

It’s an excellent historical account of the MK-ULTRA mind control experiments and associated other CIA-run programs in the 1950s and 1960s and the human fallout.

Music Review: Sister Morphine (Rolling Stones)

I’ve seen them three times in my life, most recently in Philadelphia in July 2019 during one of the late Charlie Watts’ final shows.

Movie Review: Once Were Warriors

In this week’s Venomous Media Review we will discuss a fantastic film from 1995 that many of you won’t have seen because it is a very small arthouse film from New Zealand called Once Were Warriors.

Book Review: Madhouse at the End of the Earth

This is the greatest adventure story that no-one has ever heard of. It’s a story of polar exploration in the late 19th century, arguably the greatest era of reckless adventure in human history.

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