April 16, 2020

Letter from the Co-Editor

Check out the new accomplishments and developments with the first edition of the revamped ACEP TEMS newsletter!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the ACEP Tactical Emergency Medical Section (TEMS) newsletter section. Our section is happy to bring the most current and interesting events taking place in the field of Tactical Medicine. We plan to bring quarterly updates to all section members and non-members. Other great aspects of the newsletter include updates with the section, spotlight on individual members and programs, great product reviews, and more. The aim is to keep its section members engaged in the workings of the section, and more importantly encourage involvement and contribution to the newsletter. We also hope to continue to spotlight the great work its members are doing each day to provide care to their patients, and advance the field of tactical emergency medicine.

The newsletter will be more uniform and consistent to allow for easier reference and reading, but also to make it easier for members to be aware of where they can help contribute to get published in the newsletter. We hope that all visitors will enjoy the new product, and are encouraged to help support and promote it each quarter. We are excited to report that we have now become one of the largest active ACEP sections, and this is largely due to its motivated and active members. We hope this active participation will extend into you all contributing each quarter towards the newsletter.

Keegan Bradley MD
ACEP TEMS Newsletter Co-Editor

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