May 3, 2022

ACEP’s Strategic Plan: A Roadmap for Navigating Your Future

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[Davis] It was amazing to be part of the planning process, just to bring together stakeholders representing the various interests of the college.
[Ezenkwele] The work that we have done in the past and the work we're doing now, and what we anticipate to be done in the future can only be done correctly, if it really takes into account the viewpoints of the diverse membership that we have.
[Corker] In order to appropriately represent both our patients and our colleagues, I think ACEP did a great job of including as many people as possible, from all levels of training and all walks of life, starting from medical students on into, you know, EMRA members and then on into the most senior members of our leadership.
[Nedza] The content of the conversations, the respect, the various opinions, I found to be extraordinarily broad, as well as challenging to some of our previous perspectives if you will.
[Gulati] These ideas, these ideas of a strategic vision, of getting us all together, of sharing best practices and then looking at a, you know 30,000 foot level of how we approach this on a more national scale, was very eye opening, very helpful, and I hope that this is only the start of what turns out to be an adventure that we all are undertaking for the next 50 years.
[Rosenau] The emergency physician is priority one.
[Manfredi-Shutler] And so for ACEP to take this strategic move, to talk to the stakeholders, and to try and figure out what is wrong, what's broken, I thought that was really important.
[Santiago-Rosado] It just allows us to incorporate all that knowledge, and develop goals for the future.
[Gupta] We recognize that we need to improve the way we're going about this, and we need to do it now.