Map Our Journey

Map Our Journey


May – June

As ACEP’s current Strategic Plan was nearing its end, and under the guidance of a new executive director, ACEP leadership embraced the opportunity to set a new course for the organization and its members. As a first step in this journey, ACEP’s Board of Directors participated in several planning sessions with Be Radical, an organization that helps organizations “rewire themselves for future-readiness” by identifying emerging trends, navigating uncertainty and planning for transformation.


After these exercises in considering the possibilities that lie ahead, ACEP procured the help of Daniel Stone, a renowned change agent who could shepherd volunteers and staff in the hard work of reimaging the future of our organization.

An initial retreat was conducted with 34 ACEP leaders, members, and staff members in Washington, DC, during our annual Leadership and Advocacy Conference. The meeting goal was to begin creating a shared vision for change, by clarifying ACEP’s mission, assessing our current state and anticipated the future, and identifying the critical strategic issues (CSI) to address. Ultimately, eight CSI areas were identified: Advocacy, Career Fulfillment, Communication, Member Engagement, New Practice Models, Personalization, Resources, and Trust Building. Co-leads for each group were assigned to initiative the planning process and expand the participant lists to ensure a variety of ACEP voices and opinions were represented.

July – September

More than 100 ACEP leaders, members and staff members spent hundreds of hours working in their respective CSI groups to refine the strategic initiatives that emerged from the retreat.


The eight critical strategic issues and the preliminary action steps identified were made public during the ACEP Council Meeting at ACEP21 and member input was requested in each area.

October – November

For several weeks, the recommendations and comments from ACEP members were collected on each of the strategic issues and the tactics under consideration. This vital member feedback was compiled and hundreds of pages of comments were taken back to the action teams for integration into the planning process.


The Board of Directors reviewed the proposed plans from the strategic issue groups and provided feedback to finetune the tactics.



The ACEP senior management team worked with the final draft of the strategic plan to create recommendations to prioritize, operationalize and fund the plan. The Board of Directors reviewed and approved the final plan, which coalesced the eight critical issues into five strategic pillars: Advocacy, Career Fulfillment, Member Engagement & Trust, Practice innovation, Resources & Accountability.


ACEP’s Strategic Plan is launched to our members, potential members, and the public to stake our claim in the future and to show our commitment to realizing this stakeholder-developed strategic plan.

It is our goal and desire to most effectively fulfill our mission and to unite, protect and empower you - our valued members.