ACEP SIM Training Course

2022 Course Update

We have made the difficult decision to cancel this event.

Immersive, hands-on training requires a team of individuals working together to solve a problem. For this course, not enough people signed up to make it a valuable experience in the opinion of our meeting planners and faculty. 

Please consider one of ACEP’s other conferences such as ACEP22, where hands-on skills labs are available.

  • Hands-on Immersive Training

Perfect Your Skills with Hands-On Training

In the ED, you are not always exposed to every clinical procedure and when you need a refresher or hands-on training, the opportunities for practice are few and far between. During the ACEP SIM Training Course, you will have the opportunity to perform numerous hands-on procedures through a series of small-group, simulation scenarios covering the hot topics and procedures you need to know.

On the final day, you will put all your skills through the ultimate test with the new SIM EM Escape Room where you will compete against your fellow attendees to see which team can get through our trauma rooms the fastest.