September 10, 2019

A Message from the Chair

Greetings, SEMSers!

I hope we’ve all had a little break over the summer, and if not, that there is one in your near future. I just read today in JAMA that vacationing may be good for your health.

Before I go any further: Have you listened to ANNOUNCE yet? Ayesha Khan and Quincy Moore, our Education Working Group co-chairs, secured an ACEP Section Grant last year to get this podcast underway. The first episodes have dropped, and it is a thing of beauty to behold. Packed with humanity, facts, expert tips, these podcasts are an amazing resource. Kudos to the team!

The Advocacy Working Group, chaired by Aislinn Black and Livia Santiago-Rosado, has been creating and fielding support requests for a variety of proposed resolutions for the upcoming ACEP Council session, and created a meaningful SEMS presence at the ACEP Leadership & Advocacy Conference in DC. (Next year, I really want to be there!) Meanwhile, Mahshid Abir and Ted Corbin have been busy crafting their approach to co-chairing the Research Working Group. Part of this new strategy will involve getting ACEP (through the SEMS) at the table with other population health stakeholders.

We are at work now shaping the content and structure of the fall Section meeting at ACEP19 in Denver. We plan to have a lot more time this year for networking and reporting out. The strength of our section is in its diversity of thought – we need to capitalize on this strength by facilitating conversation.

Remember that the SEMS is a strong and vibrant community because you all step up. If you are not involved in a Working Group, let Loren Rives and me know. These are the engine rooms for the section.

It is such a privilege for me stand in this space and appreciate the landscape of our section. People committed to #SocialEM are widely distributed throughout the country, in all kinds of EDs, in every setting you can imagine. The section continues to grow, and is powered by a vigor that comes from a vision for change.

Keep at it, my friends!


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