May 12, 2022

Updates from the Education Committee

Leadership -John Lewis, Deepti Thomas-Paulose, Gabrielle Jaquet, Payal Modi

The leadership group has met to discuss organization, structure and timelines as well as output goals.  This was discussed with the members at large and a subgroup structure was created based on individual interests with the goal of creating 15 modules (Workplace & Employment, Food & Nutrition, Housing and Homelessness, Approach to Special and Vulnerable populations, Violence, Research & Methods, Intro to SEM, Policy and Advocacy, Education & Literacy, Neighborhood & Built Environment, Language & Cultural Barriers, Access to Healthcare & Insurance, Behavioral Health, Rural Health, Race & Racism) Subgroup leadership has been identified and a meeting cadence was encouraged.  May 1st was the first deadline to upload sentinel articles onto a slide deck/platform. 

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