Resident Research and Scholarly Activity: A Primer (2021)

This primer is written for those who supervise or engage in EM resident research and other scholarly activities, including retrospective chart review and prospective research studies. Special attention is paid to study design, practical aspects of research implementation, common methods for dissemination of research findings, and funding available to EM resident researchers. Common pitfalls for resident researchers are addressed, including challenges in developing and executing resident-level scholarly activities. Emergency care research fellowships are also described.

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Federal Funded EM Research

Number of Grants Funded by Agency (PDF)

Dollars Funded from 2020 - 2022 (PDF)

NIH Funding Dashboard - Emergency Medicine

This Dashboard was designed as a tool to support and advance the 2030 strategic research goals (developed by SAEM/ACEP Research Workgroup and endorsed by the ACEP Board), which includes a goal of 200 NIH-funded projects led by 150 emergency medicine principle investigators in at least 50 emergency departments with over $100M in annual funding resulting in over 3% of emergency medicine faculty being NIH-funded PIs.

*Disclaimer: There are many types of federal funding that are not included in this list. The resource list is for the K and R award funding. If your funding is not on the list, please feel free to reach out to the ACEP Research Committee.

Statsoft: Comprehensive statistics online textbook

Scientific Writing: Taking an Abstract to Manuscript

Resources to assist investigators in bridging the gap between abstract to successful manuscript publication.

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Misc. Resources


Manuscript Preparation

How to Review Papers


Emergency Care Research: A Primer (2012)

This primer is written for novice investigators, offering an introduction to emergency care research with a hands-on guide to initiating, completing, and disseminating emergency care research. Chapters in this primer include how to define emergency care research, how to identify an appropriate research topic, how to find a mentor, key issues and training in emergency care research, the basics of grant writing and presentation of research results, keys to getting published, the top 10 commandments of emergency care research, and how to start a research career.

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