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PEERprep for Physicians is the best prep available for emergency medicine board exam success.

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PEERprep for Physicians is what you need when you’re ready to get serious about ABEM's In-Training and Qualifying exams.

  • Maximize your study with over 2,900 high-quality emergency medicine board review questions—more added continually
  • Strengthen exam readiness with questions closer to the real ABEM boards than any other emergency medicine board prep
  • Learn with over 1,400 detailed images, illustrations, infographics, and tables—more added continually
  • Study both the correct and incorrect answer explanations to multiply your knowledge
  • Rapidly review the key takeaways with over 2,300 bonus fill-in-the-blank questions based on each question's key points—more added continually
  • Attack weak areas with customizable quizzes
  • Use anywhere with the new ACEP PEER mobile app

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PEERprep for Physicians offers today’s most comprehensive emergency medicine board review at a price that beats the competition.



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PEERprep In-Training Self-Test and Study Guide

Want to try it out? Take this FREE 50-question sample In-Training exam to test your readiness. Get a sense of how the questions are written and the categories are weighted on the real ABEM exam. Study the detailed feedback and PEER Pearl infographics as you go. 

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PEERprep for Physicians is also aligned with the Foundations of Emergency Medicine residency program curriculum.

  • Foundations 1 includes weekly 20-question quizzes on units like GI, Pulm, Cards, Vascular, Trauma, Peds, HEENT, ID, Neuro, Ortho, Tox, Environmental, Renal/GU, GYN, OB, Endo/Metabolic, Heme/Onc, Psych, and Immuno/Derm.
  • Foundations 2 includes weekly 20-question quizzes on units like GI, Pulm, Cards, Vascular, Trauma, Peds, HEENT, ID, Neuro, Ortho, Tox, Environmental, Renal, OB/GYN, Endo, Heme/Onc, and Immuno. 
  • Foundations 3 includes weekly 5- to 10-question quizzes on topics like physician wellness, AMA and capacity, psychiatric patients, workplace violence, rural EM, EMTALA, the job hunt, physician mental health emergencies, end-of-life care, surrogacy, personal finance, analgesia stewardship, acute RV failure, team leadership, conflict resolution, physiologically unstable intubations, critically ill vented patients, geriatric care, sex-based crimes, cardiogenic shock, billing and documentation, handoffs, advanced ACLS, bias, medical malpractice, patient-centered communication, child abuse and neglect, special needs children, transgender patients, domestic violence, other special populations, and more.


Why PEERprep for Physicians is the most trusted board prep today

The most rigorous EM board prep questions available

PEERprep includes 2,900+ core content questions that have been thoroughly reviewed and updated by multiple practicing emergency physicians—more questions added continually.

High-impact visuals enable better retention

PEERprep includes 1,400+ detailed and colorful images, infographics, illustrations, stepped procedures, and tables to improve study engagement and retention for exams—more added continually.

Rapid review questions that cover key learning points

PEERprep includes 2,300+ key point review questions in fill-in-the-blank format that allow you to rapidly review the most important takeaways from each item—more questions added continually.

Ready-to-go simulated exam included

Gain the advantage of having a better understanding of how the real exam will be presented and weighted.

Create personalized quizzes to strengthen weak areas

Build quizzes that specifically address your needs. Rate confidence levels in your answers so that you can create follow-up quizzes to improve performance on low-confidence topics.

More reasons PEERprep is the gold standard for EM board prep

  • Pause, exit, and return to any point in any simulated exam or quiz
  • See questions answered correctly, incorrectly, or guessed on all on one page
  • Take notes, bookmark questions, rate questions with a thumbs up/down, and submit feedback

Approved for 145 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM

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