February 2, 2022

PEER Offers Free Training Tool for the ITE

The ABEM In-Training Exam (ITE) is coming up, and PEERprep has a way to help you.

Every year, ABEM offers the ITE to residency programs who wish to assess their residents’ learning. The ITE is designed to test at the level of a third-year resident. It does not have a passing score, but a detailed report for each resident test taker is provided to the program for further assessment.

The ITE is comprehensive. It contains 225 multiple-choice questions and is estimated to take about 4.5 hours to complete. The questions, which are all prepared by a group of clinically active emergency physicians, are divided into categories, based on the Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine (EM Model), and the categories are weighted, based on what an emergency physician is most likely to encounter.

For example, 10% of the questions are designed to fit into the category “Signs, Symptoms and Presentations” (Category 1.0 in the EM Model). The test is also divided into patient acuities: 30% of the questions are testing for a patient acuity of “critical,” for example. Modifying factors also get weighted. As such, a minimum of 8% of the questions will include pediatric patients, and a minimum of 6% will include geriatric patients.

To help you get ready for the ITE by the end of February, PEERprep is offering a free In-Training Self-Test and Study Guide.

All questions in the PEER question bank have been written and edited by emergency physicians who are actively practicing emergency medicine, just like with ABEM. Each question goes through an extensive editing process before being made available to you for self-study. Questions are also revised regularly to ensure that the most timely and accurate information is provided, and PEER Pearl infographics are created to help you remember the key takeaways.

PEERprep Sample ABEM In-Training Exam Product Screenshot

PEER has worked diligently to provide as accurate a sample for the ITE as possible. PEER’s sample test, which is 50 questions, is built from questions in the PEER question bank. These questions were carefully selected by Megan Fix, MD, FACEP, editor-in-chief for PEERprep for Physicians and PEERprep for Programs, and Tina Choudhri, MD, FACEP, assistant editor-in-chief for PEERprep for Physicians and PEERprep for Programs, to best mirror the content in the ITE. The sample test is weighted toward the same percentages as the real ITE.

Even if your program isn’t requiring that you take the ITE, this free tool is useful to test your readiness for the boards. ABEM has stated that those who score high on the ITE are more likely to pass the Qualifying Exam.

So take advantage of this free study tool while you are preparing for the ITE. You can launch the test here. If you need more questions to help you prepare, check out PEERprep for Physicians.

ABEM’s ITE testing period is Tuesday, February 22, 2022, through Monday, February 28, 2022.

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