December 4, 2023

Celebrating 2,200 Questions in PEERprep

PEERprep — your favorite emergency medicine board review product — is now equipped with over 2,200 rigorous core content questions, over 1,300 eye-catching PEER Pearl infographics, and over 2,100 bonus Key Point rapid review questions. That’s nearly 5x the number of questions published in PEER IX!

In PEERprep, questions are grouped into convenient quiz sets for each of the 20 EM Model categories like Cardiovascular and Traumatic Disorders, patient categories like Pediatrics and Geriatrics, and patient acuity levels like Emergent and Critical, as well as by the Foundations of EM residency program curriculum. Additional questions and infographics are continually being added at a pace of about 50 new questions per month!

Existing questions are also constantly being reviewed and refined based on your user feedback. Every time you click the thumbs down button to share your concern about a question’s clarity or accuracy, you’re helping us to make PEERprep the best board prep on the market.


All PEERprep content is written and reviewed by highly qualified, practicing emergency physicians. Each question and PEER Pearl infographic goes through multiple levels of review by EM experts, so you can be confident that you’re getting the most current information from academic emergency physicians who understand exactly what you need to know for a successful career in emergency medicine. Plus, PEERprep is the best value on the market.

Whether you’re studying on your own or as a part of a residency program that uses the open-access Foundations of Emergency Medicine curriculum, you can now take each week’s Foundations-mapped quiz to test your knowledge and level up each week and each year of your EM residency. PEERprep’s Foundations I, Foundations II, and Foundations III quizzes are live and cover both clinical and nonclinical topics you need to know.

As always, you can build your own custom quizzes to focus your efforts on specific topics, body systems, and core competencies. Residents can also use PEERprep to study for ABEM’s In-Training exam, Qualifying exam, or even oral boards.

PEERprep is now adding presentation-based, case-series questions to help you think through different aspects of patient care. These question sets include groups of 3 to 5 questions in a series that ask you to consider how different presenting signs and systems may change your approach to management. Abdominopelvic and Nontraumatic Musculoskeletal quiz sets are already available. Trauma and Bleeding and Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock are coming soon!

Moreover, many of the other core content questions are based on cases from real-world clinical scenarios. Case questions cover the full breadth of physician tasks, from diagnosis to patient-centered communication to therapeutic interventions. Non–case-based core content questions cover the key information that emergency physicians need to provide the best patient care. Studying with PEERprep not only prepares you for exam day, but also for your everyday practice!

PEERprep questions are designed to be clear, up to date, and informative. Every answer choice represents a plausible scenario. PEERprep questions are challenging and thought-provoking because we want you to be the best EM physician you can be.

For more information, see our explanation of the PEER approach that has been launching successful EM careers for nearly 50 years.

Not a subscriber? Check out PEERprep for Physicians for individual pricing and PEERprep for Programs for institution rates.

From the PEER team and all of us at ACEP, we’re here to help you level up!

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