March 12, 2022

All PEERcert+ for MyEMCert Modules Are Live

In February 2022, ACEP launched PEERcert+ Nontraumatic Musculoskeletal, its eighth PEERcert+ for MyEMCert module.

As you know, the American Board of Emergency Medicine changed the way it tests for recertification.

It used to be that ABEM required board-certified emergency physicians to take the ConCert exam, a comprehensive exam that was taken once every 10 years.

As of 2021, ABEM no longer issues 10-year certifications. Instead, the certification life cycle is 5 years, and in those 5 years, you must take four of the eight available MyEMCert modules. Which four is up to you. Simply register for the module you wish to take, and take it at a time that is convenient for you.

The MyEMCert approach to recertification was designed to meet the unique needs of board-certified emergency physicians. Each exam is 50 questions, 80% of which are on the topic of the module and 20% of which are on key advances in emergency medicine. The eight MyEMCert topics are Abdominopelvic, Abnormal Vital Signs and Shock, Trauma and Bleeding, Thoracorespiratory, Neurology, Social and Behavioral Health, Head and Neck, and Nontraumatic Musculoskeletal.

ACEP has been working for decades to provide study tools specifically designed to help resident and attending emergency physicians prepare for ABEM exams. As such, in addition to PEERprep for Physicians and PEERprep for Programs, which are aimed at the In-Training and Qualifying exams, ACEP now offers PEERcert+ for MyEMCert to not only meet your recertification needs, but also keep you abreast of the current standards of care and advances in emergency medicine.

PEERcert+ for MyEMCert is designed to mirror each MyEMCert module as closely as possible. As with all PEER products, each question is designed to be like what you would expect to see on an ABEM exam. Each question is written by a clinically active emergency physician and follows a rigorous editing process before being made available for your use.

Over the past year, ACEP has been providing access to PEERcert+ for MyEMCert modules as they were completed, but now, all modules have been launched and are available for purchase on the ACEP Online Learning Center. With that, you can choose the study tool that’s right for you for any of ABEM’s eight MyEMCert modules.

All PEERcert+ for MyEMCert modules offer multiple ways to prepare for your exam. Individual core content questions help you thoroughly review the most important topics likely to be covered on the exam. Board-style case series questions follow patients through a series of questions based on the presentation, potential diagnoses, and resulting steps in management. Key advance questions cover the latest key advances designated by ABEM as essential to the practice of emergency medicine. You can take a simulated exam to prepare yourself for the experience of taking one of ABEM’s modules. You can build a personalized quiz to help you in areas where you are less knowledgeable. And let’s not forget the First Aid Kit, where you can find all the visual teaching aids provided in each module.

PEERcert+ for MyEMCert dashboard

ACEP keeps its eye on the ever-changing landscape of ABEM’s initial and recertification processes for you and works hard to update PEER products to provide you with the most accurate, most current, and most useful study tools, as you strive to meet the requirements of board certification, recertification, and continued learning and growth as a physician. That’s why we believe that better prep leads to better care.

The ConCert exam will be offered two more times, April 1-21 and October 4-24 of this year. After the October exam in 2022, the ConCert exam will be retired, and MyEMCert will be required for all emergency physicians seeking recertification.

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