• Updates to the ABEM ConCert Exam

    Stay in the know about the recent changes made to the ABEM ConCert Exam and how it impacts you.

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  • PEER — the one your peers say is “closest to the boards”

    If you want your practice and study experience to be like the real thing, PEER is the EM board prep resource you should trust.

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  • “Can I try it before I buy it?”

    Yes! Take the Pretest — it’s free. You’ll get 40 questions and a pretty good idea of how you’d do if you had to take a board exam right now.

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  • Power your program with PEER

    Enroll in PEER for Residency Programs today for less than $100 per person. That’s affordable enough to get it for all your residents — and your faculty.

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  • I used PEER, as well as a competitor, and felt that PEER was closer to what types of questions I ended up seeing on the ConCert exam. The ability to build custom exams, and drill down into topic/content specific performance was great!

    – Matthew D. Bitner, MD, MEd, FACEP
  • PEER was all I used for my recertification – the online questions. I passed with no problem.

    – Keenan M. Bora, MD, FACEP
  • I have used the PEER series for both my initial board certification and my ConCert. I have never been a great test taker, but the practice, layout, and questions helped me feel ready for test day. PEER is an integral tool in the preparation process.

    – Ryan Stanton, MD, FACEP
  • I used it … and thought it was great!

    – Jessica Best, MD
  • I've been using PEER consistently throughout my residency training to prepare for the In-Training exam and now the Qualifying exam. The questions are incredibly high-yield and have been an invaluable asset in preparing for the boards.

    – Michael Ullo, MD

Tens of thousands of emergency physicians have turned first to PEER for content review and self-assessment.

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