January 1, 2022


We have all become familiar with the notion of medical “Pearls” to help benefit the adult learner brains we all have.  These Morsels are slightly larger than pearls, just as valuable, and often more delicious.

The goal of these Pediatric Emergency Medicine Morsels is to continue to encourage us all to enhance and refine the care of pediatric patients.  The care of pediatric patients often brings up a myriad of diverse topics ranging from the common to the very unusual.  It is difficult to stay abreast of the appropriate management of so many diverse entities, particularly when they may be quite different from those of our adult patients.

I write the Ped EM Morsels to help enhance and refine my own knowledge and I hope that you will find that they are equally as useful.  I encourage you to explore the sampling of Morsels below and if you are interested, email me directly.


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