About the Process

What to Expect During the Application Process

Step 1


Determine appropriate accreditation level for your institution.

Prepare documents for online application (see sample documents tab in FAQs).

Step 2

Online Application

Create a login and complete application via online portal.

Submit application fee.

Step 3


Applicants will be notified of a decision within 8 weeks after submitting their application.

Criteria Outline

The following criteria outline the minimum standards for accreditation of a PACED-accredited ED in three levels. Institutions seeking accreditation will be required to submit a completed online application along with required documentation and an application fee. Submitted applications will be reviewed for completeness by ACEP PACED staff first, followed by a comprehensive evaluation by a team of ACEP-appointed physician reviewers.

Once the reviewer completes the evaluation, all applications must be approved by the PACED Board of Governors. Once approved, hospitals will receive an accreditation certificate.

Download: Preparing for PACED accreditation A Step by step guide (PDF)

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