October 16, 2020

Observation in the Literature

I wanted to share a summary of observation related topics in the current literature for your review.  

Extended ED Mental Health Care Now Reportable as Observation

With the rise of ED visits due to psychiatric complaints, this article explains the update on CPT coding in reference to psychiatric patients with prolonged ED stay.  Historically, CPT codes for subsequent days of reassessment and treatment for these patients did not exist while they awaited inpatient psychiatric placement. Learn More

An Evidence-Based Tool for VTE Observation

This article describes the lack of standardized approach to VTE prophylaxis for patients in an outpatient observation status.  It is a pre and post-intervention study concluding that a VTE risk stratification tool led to better standardized, evidence-based approach to VTE prophylaxis in an observation setting. Learn More

An Emergency Department Observation Unit is a feasible setting for Multidisciplinary Geriatric Assessments in Compliance with the Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines

This article examines the extension of current Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines to the observation setting.  This multidisciplinary intervention was deemed useful, did not significantly impact LOS, and lead to multidisciplinary interventions. Learn More

Psych OU Eases Boarding

Developing an acute psychiatric observation unit may be able to decrease boarding of psychiatric patients in the emergency department and improve the care for this patient population in this before and after analysis. Learn More

Financial Viability of Emergency Department Observation Unit Billing Models 

A great synopsis of observation finance.  This article explores the financial impact of one versus two service models of observation physician staffing and which one is beneficial in which scenario. Learn More

Maria Aini, MD
Secretary/Newsletter Editor