June 28, 2019

EMRA Informatics: Get involved!

While I will never forget the site of hundreds of helmetless EM physicians weaving through traffic on motorized scooters (daring the NEXUS II and Canadian CT Head gods), ACEP18 was a memorable event for EMRA Informatics for another reason. It generated multiple opportunities for ACEP members to get involved in shaping the next generation of emergency informaticists. We had an enthusiastic turn out in San Diego (one the largest ever – ask Sean Spicer), due in large part to a panel that featured ACEP EMI section members Drs. Carrie Baker, Elijah Bell, John Manning and Ben Slovis. They were all gracious enough to speak with us about their various paths to informatics and offer insights into the future of our sub-specialty.  The panel was an effective tool for promoting inter-organizational dialogue/mentorship.  We hope to do it again for ACEP19 Scientific Assembly. This is only one of many exciting outreach opportunities that the EMRA Informatics committee will be sharing this year with our colleagues in the ACEP EMI section.  Below is a summary of these opportunities:

ACEP19 SA Informatics Panel

As previously mentioned, we would like to host a panel of four informaticists who are going to Denver for ACEP19 and have a desire to speak with EMRA members. (Panel topic is to be determined.)

Informatics Fellowship Leader Interviews

In 2018, EMRA completed a guide for matching into an informatics fellowship (A huge thanks to Immediate EMRA past-president Dr. Zach Jarou).  Learn More.

To build upon the information contained within the guide, the EMRA Informatics Committee will be pursuing interviews with the chairs and prominent faculty of the various programs listed. If you fit this description, please be on the lookout for EMRA members asking for 30 minutes (or less) of your time via email and/or EngagED.

EMRA Informatics Committee Journal Club

Journal Club will be held at least quarterly and will highlight the various silos of informatics. Our first journal club was led by EMI Newsletter Editor Dr. Carrie Baker, and covered recent JAMIA article “Assessments of eHealth behaviors in national surveys” by Hong and Cho.

Going forward, we hope to sustain the high-level discourse and oversight via continued involvement from experienced emergency Informaticists. If interested, see contact info below.

Informatics Repository Project

We are compiling and hosting a repository of useful QI reports and DIY informatics projects to share with junior members who may have marginal informatics experience. The idea is to create a walk-through of how to create basic reports and the rationale behind selection of metrics in those reports (e.g. how to make a report that catches bounce backs, but also considers inclusions and exclusions criteria of the data). Submitters should include a sample report and give a brief explanation about what it monitors. A discussion section may be included, but is not required.

Lastly, we are open to novel projects. If you know of a project or opportunity that fits nicely with EMRA Informatics, please do not hesitate to reach out. Let this announcement serve as an open invitation for more collaboration!

EMRA Informatics needs YOU!

Please join us on Basecamp (via EMRA Informatics Committee Website on ACEP login), or reach out on to us on email.

Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

DJ Apakama, MD MS, EM PGY3
Chair, Emergency Medicine Resident Association (EMRA) Informatics Committee
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY

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