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American Association of Women Emergency Physicians

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Section Officers & Staff

Sarah Hoper, MD, JD
Carrie de Moor, MD, FACEP
Lea Walters, MD
Senior Resident Representative
Jessica Krueger, MD
Junior Resident Representative
Laura Dean, MD
Immediate Past Chair
Tracy Sanson, MD, FACEP
Lea Walters, MD
Alternate Councilor
Elizabeth Dubey, MD
ACEP Board Liaison
Alison J. Haddock, MD, FACEP
Staff Liaison
Rachel Donihoo

Don’t Miss AAWEP’s Annual Section Meeting!

AAWEP Meeting Image.jpg

JOIN US! ACEP20 will be virtual this year, and so will AAWEP’s annual section meeting! Please log on and join us on October 26 from 2:00-4:00 pm CST. Our agenda will feature eight dynamic 20-minute talks on topics such as human trafficking, gender bias, career advancement, microaggression, inclusion, and women in medicine. We are excited to offer two Zoom meeting rooms, which will be run simultaneously so members can choose which speakers they’d like to watch. In the meantime, mark your calendars for an afternoon of education, networking, and fun! To attend, simply follow the Zoom link: https://acep.zoom.us/j/99479825902

Get Behind AAWEP’s Resolutions


We’re proud to announce that ACEP has adopted three exciting resolutions authored by AAWEP. The initiatives, which address topics of particular importance to women emergency physicians, were debated – and passed – at ACEP19 in Denver. We encourage you to download, read, share, and advocate for these new policies!

We need your help to spread the word! Together, we can affect change.

Join Our Community!

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Looking for a section that will address your needs as an emergency physician and a woman? AAWEP is for you.

Learn About AAWEP


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Section committee membership is an ideal way to hone your leadership skills and connect with other women emergency physicians. Help shape future AAWEP projects, write a resolution, apply for a grant, give a lecture, or build a new social media campaign. The options are endless! Sign up here. 

AAWEP in the News


Help us celebrate your accomplishments and spread the word about the power (and newsworthiness!) of women in emergency medicine. Have you been featured in a news story? Written an editorial? Published a peer-reviewed paper? Provided commentary on a breaking news segment? Given a televised lecture? Let us bask in your 15 minutes of fame! We want to showcase your talents on our website and in the quarterly AAWEP Newsletter. Share the news by emailing aawep.section@acep.org.

Gender & Leadership

Hot off the Press! Don’t miss this enlightening study on gender distribution among American medical specialty leaders. Read how EM fared when researchers evaluated the relative representation of women on ABMS boards and compared it with the gender composition of the 25 respective specialties studied. Spoiler alert: 29% of current American Board of Emergency Medicine directors are women, while 27% of EM physicians and 37.4% of EM physicians-in-training are female.

Download the Full Article (PDF)

Also, please stay tuned for more information on the important work being done by ACEP’s Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce. Initiated by President Rebecca Parker, the group is focused on examining the EM landscape to identify barriers to improving diversity on all levels.

Email aawep.section@acep.org

Get Connected!


Work, live, lead, grow, and talk with the women of emergency medicine at feminem.org, a blog written for us (by us)! Working in any ED has its challenges, and our individual journeys are unique – but as a community, we will survive and thrive. Look no further than this inspirational forum for ideas, support, and connection.


AAWEP Honorees

We’re proud to honor this stellar group of annual AAWEP Award winners. Year after year, they continue to inspire us!

View the full list of recipients here (PDF)

Gender & Medicine

Don't miss this FANTASTIC TED Talk by AAWEP member Dr. Alyson McGregor on the consequences of gender disparities in medicine. Dr. McGregor is the co-founder and director of the Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine Division (formerly Women’s Health in Emergency Care) within the Department of Emergency Medicine at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Her group's aim is to establish research and educational endeavors that promote sex- and gender-specific medicine and women’s health as they relate to emergency care.

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