March 31, 2022

Chair's Corner

Lauren Southerland, MD, FACEP

The Geriatric EM Section is active with tremendous momentum from the section members involved in daily geriatric emergency patient care. The section’s goal is simple; to bring together our members who are passionate about geriatric emergency medicine. The board’s focus this year is on education opportunities, supporting GEDA/GEDC activities and Geriatric ED info dissemination. Join any of our monthly Zoom conference calls held the third Monday of each month at 11:00 CST/ 12:00 EST / 9:00 PST. These calls are open to GEMS members and designed to be a discussion hub for the latest geriatric topics and activities. We are already planning activities for ACEP22 and outreach to medical students and residents. If you have an innovation, idea, or even a pet peeve to share, reach out to us on the ACEP engagED platform or join any of our meetings. You can also reach me at

This Newsletter includes 1) A feature piece on Veterans Health Administration, 2) geriatric Fellow, Rachel Skains, MD, MSPH; 3) an announcement of an upcoming webinar focused on the “older physician” and night shifts, and 4) the Geriatric ED accreditation tracking board. Enjoy!

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