September 18, 2018

Spotlight- Dr. Daniel M. Lindberg, MD

Where did you train and where do you currently practice? 

University of Cincinnati.  Now at University of Colorado School of Medicine, University Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado.

How did you become involved with forensic emergency medicine? 

Never underestimate a powerful lecture to medical students.  I still remember where I was sitting when Jill Glick taught my 2nd-year med. school class about how important child abuse recognition was.  After that lecture, I decided that I was going to do child abuse research, and I never looked back.

What have been some of your interests/projects or research in the field? 

My work focuses on diagnostic testing that can be done by frontline providers (like emergency physicians) to improve early recognition of child physical abuse.  My biggest projects support routine laboratory screening for abdominal injuries in children with concern for abuse, and routine skeletal survey in young (<2 year old) siblings and household contacts of abused children.  Just now, I am working to validate rapid MRI as a replacement for CT in stable children when there is concern for TBI, or abuse.

Who inspires you? 

The foster and adoptive parents who take young children into their homes, sometimes with hugely complex medical needs, and to the full time (over-time) work of helping those kids heal.

What book are you reading now?

“The Main Enemy” by Milt Bearden and James Risen – it is about the KGB and CIA during the cold war.

Favorite Vacation?

My honeymoon. A cooking school in France.

Dream vacation?  

Going back to the cooking school.

Favorite food? 


What do you like on your pizza? 


Favorite Jelly Belly flavor?

Toasted marshmallow

Pet peeve? 

Doctors that interrupt the patient in the first 2 minutes of the history.

What is something interesting about you that is totally unrelated to medicine? 

I have an identical twin brother who also practices emergency medicine (I suppose that’s not completely un-related.) show?

The Wire

Favorite Movie?

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

What would you like to get out of your membership in the forensic section? 

Multi-center collaborative research networks to decrease variability in abuse screening practices.

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