December 19, 2022

December 2022 - Message from the Chair

I am honored to serve as Chair of the ACEP Forensic Medicine Section. I have been a member for the past 15 years, and this Section has been an avenue for career development and advancement, collaboration, support, learning and advice to me. I welcome anyone who has an interest in, leads a program, or is creating a program in any aspect of forensic Emergency Medicine to join our section. Past accomplishments have included being awarded 2 section grants (supporting the creation and dissemination of a sexual assault and domestic violence management e-book for ACEP members), and programming with national recognized guest speakers. This section provides a lively forum for soliciting and offering advice, opportunities for collaboration, and a community of learning and support. If you have any suggestions for programming that you would like to see, please reach out to me, Vice Chair Monika Pitzele, or Treasurer Heather Rozzi. We are excited to work with you all this year.

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