August 12, 2021

Pediatric Disasters

Group Lead: Roxanna Lefort, MD MPH
Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to lead the ACEP DMS niche group for Pediatric Disaster Medicine. I’m hoping that within this group, we can share ideas and resources and reports of “things that worked” across the country for improving disaster preparedness for our children.  
The deficiency in pediatric disaster preparedness is well-recognized nationally, and though some organizations or communities may have made some great advancements in this area, most of the country is insufficiently prepared to deal with a disaster involving large numbers of children.  These disasters require specific considerations such as patient identification plans, reunification centers, specific supplies/specialists, and long-term recovery efforts with mental health resources. I don’t have the answers to all these issues, but I know there is a lot of great work going on in this arena.  Hopefully, this niche group can connect people as a place for sharing important updates in the field, success stories, lessons learned, research ideas, funding opportunities, or questions that have been raised.
I will keep adding resources as I find them, including any updates from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Council on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery.

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