October 21, 2019

Disaster and Preparedness Response Committee 2018-2019 Chair

The Disaster and Preparedness Response committee was off to quick start this year.  The committee objectives are determined by the ACEP President and Board of Directors with input from the committee chair.

The structure of the committee is simple, we have 10 objectives with 10 sub-committees.  The current objectives are:

  1. Continue to utilize identified national and international organizations active in disaster medical preparedness and response to assure appropriate liaisons and channels of communication with ACEP to seek opportunities to increase collaboration and development of in-time resources to working ED doctors for when it happens.
  2. Collaborate with the Disaster Medicine Section and the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee to explore incorporating an advanced level within the existing Mass Casualty Medical Operations Course or a separate course using the current course as a prerequisite. (Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee is the lead committee)
  3. Develop recommendations for improved system response in disasters and high threat situations through ACEP interaction with related external organizations such as ACS, NDMS, federal governmental agencies, ACOEP and hospitals, as well as, other ACEP committees and sections to develop recommendations for disasters and high threat situations.
  4. Implement the Disaster Medical Sciences Award.
  5. Monitor the national disaster medicine environment for federal regulations, new guidelines, standards, and technologies that potentially significantly impact disaster medicine and provide recommendations to the Board as needed.
  6. Serve as a resource and provide input to the Education Committee to explore online and other EMS, disaster and other related training for emergency physicians. (Education is the lead committee.)
  7. Collaborate with fellowship directors to compile a list/database of all disaster fellowships and similarities/differences and continue to explore development of a Disaster Medicine board certification.
  8. Explore ways to collaborate with existing groups, such as the National Center for Disaster Public Health (NCDPH), to collect disaster data and engage members to share data and reports about disaster events.
  9. Review the following policies per the Policy Sunset Review process:
    1. Disaster Medical Response
    2. Handling of Hazardous Materials
    3. Support for National Disaster Medical System and other response teams
  10. In collaboration with the disaster medicine section, develop disaster related course proposals and submit to the Education Meeting Committee for consideration by August 1, 2019 (for 2020 Scientific Assembly)

Due dates on the objectives are very variable, some require quick work by the sub-committee such as policy review, while others are quite frankly ongoing all year long.  We attempt to assign members to sub-committees of interest to them plus usually a second and sometimes a third committee.  Obviously, there is work to be done. 

While the committee is limited in size, too big will be way to unwieldy to work with, too small to much work for each member, all Disaster Section members are more than welcome to provide input to the committee process.  If you are one of these individuals, please contact me with your interest and can link you with the appropriate sub-committee chair.

2019 ACEP is on the horizon, however while we are near the end of the current committee work year, current ACEP members will be asked soon, i.e., this winter to submit requests for committee assignment if they are interested.  I would highly encourage any section member to submit their name if they are up for more work, without pay but with thanks from ACEP.  If you do not submit, you do not get assigned.  Also be aware, most committee members are rotated off a committee every few years.  This allows more member access not to mention new blood and hopefully new ways at looking at an issue.  Again, if you are interested please apply. 

Finally, I want to thank all the committee members for their work on the committee and sub-committee this year.  Several have been tasked multiple times to assess and review requests, I appreciate their dedication to the continuing tasks.

Marc S. Rosenthal, PhD, DO, FACEP, FAEMS

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