February 6, 2019

Recap of the ACEP18 Section Meeting

Thank you to those who attended the 2018 Democratic Group Practice Section meeting.  It was a great chance to meet physicians from other independent groups and freely exchange ideas.  

We were fortunate enough to hear from Dr. Roneet Lev of San Diego and president of IEPC (Independent Emergency Physicians Consortium) as well as Dr. Liam Yore, president of North Sound Emergency Physicians.  They are both part of independent group collaboratives in their respective regions.  They have clearly demonstrated the power of the group neural network and have created ways to self-insure malpractice, create best practice treatments around opiate abuse, and promote the value of independent groups while maintaining the independent group autonomy.  Many who attended walked away with a starting point for collaborations and valuable networking opportunities.

Thank you for having me as the section chair for the past two years.  I am confident that Rob Thomas will do a great job as our new chair and promote the culture and collaboration of independent groups.

Michael L Becker MD FACEP FAAEM
Immediate Past Section Chair

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