Strategic Support

ACEP Partner Collaborative

By becoming a member of the ACEP Partner Collaborative you will receive a number of benefits that allow you to build a longer-term relationship with ACEP and its membership.

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EMF Directed Research Grants

Your company determines the scope and goals of the proposed research project and provides the funding, while the Emergency Medicine Foundation provides a turn-key management system with EMF Directed Research Grants.

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EMS Week Sponsorship

As a sponsor, you can reach the EMS community, 850,000+ EMS practitioners and 21,000+ EMS Agencies in the US. Involvement offers you a chance to educate this vibrant community on your innovative product or service.

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DHE&I Grants

Addressing Diversity, Health Equity and Inclusion is a core principle of emergency care. ACEP actively pursues all opportunities to develop and deliver live and online sessions around projects on providing a better health care environment.

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