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Integrate into attendee learning and experiences

Integrate into attendee learning and experiences. Share what's happening on the bleeding edge of EM or join workflow and clinical conversations through a variety of tried-and-true methods and new engagement formats.

New = for ACEP24

NewThe Connection Hub

Pricing: TBD

OPPORTUNITIES STILL IN CONSTRUCTION. A new, centralized location created to make the exhibit hall THE place for community building. With slick, new ACEP app capabilities, attendees will be driven to gather for 1-1 and small group conversations. A variety of topics will bring fresh faces to the exhibit hall each hour to discuss everything from navigating ultrasound intricacies to seeking career mentorship. By creating an exchange nucleus that emphasizes learning, networking, and enjoyment, attendees will have a next-level experience.

NewDiagnostic Theater

$30,000 a day

Own a day of interactive educational space. Design and dream with us to make this space an immersive ED theater demo. If you have innovative devices or treatments to showcase and provide education around this is the bleeding edge activation space for you to own education in. Want to own this space the entire event? Let's talk.

Expert Theater


Engage in the scientific conversation by conducting a compelling 45-minute presentation right in the heart of the Exhibit Hall. ACEP will furnish essential A/V equipment and cater boxed meals for the initial 100 attendees. These slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and considering the high demand from previous Expert Theaters, they are anticipated to sell out rapidly. Don't miss this opportunity to share your expertise and insights with a captivated audience at ACEP!

NewExpert Theater Extension


Capture the expertise shared in your onsite theater and extend its reach to benefit all ACEP members with our rebroadcasting service. Your valuable content will be promoted and preserved with accessibility for a full year, ensuring that the insights and knowledge shared onsite continue to enrich and educate the member community.

Satellite Symposium


Start or end the conference day by providing attendees with more CME credits at these additional educational opportunities at the neighboring hotels. Additional costs apply.



As the significance of digital health continues to rise, we are thrilled to host the 3rd year of the HackED! Hackathon at ACEP24. Join the convergence of the Emergency Medicine and Technology sectors, fostering an environment for exploration and innovation. HackED! offers a unique platform to unearth possibilities for realizing value and glean insights that will drive the evolution of technology in the field of Emergency Medicine.

NewDigital Health Studio


Position your brand at the forefront of the future Emergency Department utilizing RFID Totem display technology in our cutting-edge Digital Health Studio. This studio is set to be a showcase of groundbreaking innovations, covering critical areas such as Healthcare at home, Traumatic brain injury & concussion management, Emergency Medicine Data Institute, AI Health communications, and Ultrasound & imaging. Don't miss this opportunity to lead the way in shaping the healthcare landscape of tomorrow.

Revamped OpportunityEM Showdown


Integrate your educational content into live hosted and asynchronous quiz shows happening at key times throughout the conference. Attendees will be able to play quizzes about important clinical topics while competing for bragging rights and ACEP prizes.

Emergency Ultrasound Management Course


This course unites over 100 emergency physicians around emergency medicine ultrasound, making it a valuable "how-to" resource suitable for both community and academic programs seeking to establish a thriving Emergency Ultrasound Program. Sponsors are invited to participate in the Emergency Ultrasound Management Course, and in recognition of their support, their company logos will be prominently featured in the onsite program, on the ACEP website, and on course signage.

NewPop Up Snack Bar


Be the snack destination for the day! ACEP will handle the details, just get ready for a heck of a traffic boost during snack-o'clock. Snacks will be provided for the first 250 people to stop by.

NewF1 Gaming Area


Get ready to rev up your excitement at ACEP24, just a month before the exhilarating F1 race in Las Vegas! Our ACEP activation will feature professional racing simulators, allowing attendees to experience the thrill of racing on the virtual F1 Las Vegas track. Sponsorships will be divided into two sessions each day, complete with a live leaderboard, and prizes. The winners will have their moment in the spotlight, with first, second, and third place recipients standing atop the podium in the Connection Hub, celebrating their achievements twice daily. This high-speed, competitive fun promises unparalleled networking as attendees go head-to-head in esports racing simulators, driving sponsor-logoed F1 race cars. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this adrenaline-pumping experience!

NewArt in Motion


Attendees will unleash their inner Picasso as they contribute their artistic flair to a collaborative painting, open to all attendees. Sponsor creativity and foster unity with this distinctive art activity, where attendees come together to collectively craft a masterpiece, celebrating the shared experience of ACEP24.

Puppy Love


Experience the joy of forming new connections while interacting with irresistibly adorable puppies in the Connection Hub. Join us in this heartwarming and enjoyable environment, where the presence of these lovable pups not only brings delight but also provides an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow attendees.

Revamped OpportunityInternational + Global Village Support


The exhibit hall and the conference feature exclusive conversations and education devoted to international EM. Attendees are international EM societies, ACEP country specific ambassadors and the International Section. Meet and greets and other activities will be planned to convene conversations about the global state of emergency medicine. Contact us to learn more about how to support this growing area of the specialty.

Focus Groups


Collaborate with ACEP to secure exclusive access to a curated group of emergency physicians for a focused discussion and valuable feedback exchange during a 60-minute in-person meeting. Not enough time to make this happen in person? Talk to us about other ways to get focus groups done throughout the year.

CME Track Support

Starting at $5,000

Underwrite one of the most valuable assets of the conference by providing IME support to ACEP CME educational tracks. Speak to an ACEP Corporate Development Director to learn more.

Special Interest Sections


We are redesigning Section Support to allow you support for a full year! Check in with us beginning of the new year to learn more! Connect with your specific niche audience at ACEP24 while aligning your support to areas of EM where we share interest. Numerous ACEP special interest sections, including EM Directors, Diversity & Health Equity, and Ultrasound, offer the chance for you to participate in their annual meetings, allowing for valuable networking opportunities and a dedicated 10-15-minute speaking slot. Explore the full list of ACEP sections to identify the best fit for your engagement.

Emergency Medicine Foundation Support

Starting at $5,000

Did you know you can receive unique access and benefits at ACEP24 when you support EMF research? Connect with our team to learn more about this unique opportunity to drive booth engagement, access emergency physician thought leaders, and align with the mission to advance emergency medicine care.

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