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We offer a variety of advertising, booth driver activations and compelling branding opportunities around the conference. Talk to us about your "why" and we'll advise you on the very best set of tactics to achieve your goals.

New = for ACEP24

Opening Session


Leverage the buzz of the conference! Gain prominent recognition from the ACEP President and have your company featured on a slide during the General Session. Additionally, showcase your product or service by distributing promotional flyers to every chair at the General Session, capitalizing on this chance to drive leads and increase foot traffic to your booth in the Exhibit Hall.

NewOpening Session Video


Elevate your support for the opening session by demonstrating your dedication to Emergency Medicine with a concise video that will be featured onstage during the opening session.

NewOpening Session Connection Hub Extender


Host small group connections by "book clubbing'  the opening session with attendees in the connection hub. If the opportunity is available, opening speakers will be available in the area for networking.

Closing Session


Bring the conference to a powerful close as the Closing Session Sponsor, concluding a week filled with pivotal content followed by a cocktail hour to network and share ACEP24 insights.

New AppMobile App


Seize the opportunity to align your brand with on-the-go attendees, ensuring a strong connection between your products and services before and during the conference. This high-visibility package includes prominent placement of your corporate logo and reaches attendees through their devices. The revamped ACEP mobile app for 2024 offers an extended engagement beyond the conference, providing year-round resources and interaction.

NewMobile App Push Notifications


Mobile app push notifications provide real-time communication and increased user engagement by delivering relevant updates, promotions, and reminders directly to ACEP24 app users.

NewMobile App Banner Ads


Establish meaningful connections with conference attendees by utilizing banner ads, allowing you to engage directly with your target audience throughout the event.

Photo Booth


Provide ACEP24 attendees with a chance to create lasting memories of the conference with their friends! They can choose to post a social media pic or print it for a delightful souvenir. Every photo will feature the ACEP24 logo along with your company logo at the bottom, ensuring your brand is part of their cherished moments.

Wi-Fi Support


Your company’s name and logo will be prominently displayed on the splash page for the complimentary Wi-Fi network, ensuring visibility to both attendees and exhibitors as they access digital content during the conference.

Wellness Walk


Act fast to secure your exclusive and limited spot! Drive more attendees to your exhibit space by becoming a special stop on the Wellness Walk. As participants accumulate stamps during their daily steps, they'll visit your booth, contributing to their journey towards claiming exclusive ACEP swag and health-focused prizes. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to engage with attendees and promote your brand!

Seating Cubes


Give attendees a place to take a load off their feet with seating cubes that will be placed in high-traffic areas around the convention center and Exhibit Hall. Each cube will have your corporate or brand logo on all four sides. Cubes will be sold in sets of 10. Discounts will be given for 3 or more sets of 10 cubes.

Convention Center Advertising

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Distinguish your brand and make a lasting impression with tailor-made advertising opportunities within the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Choose from a wide array of options, including banners, escalator runners, column wraps, and more, to effectively showcase your brand in a unique and eye-catching manner.

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Aisle Clings


Claim your aisle in style at ACEP24! Ensure that attendees can't overlook your company's brand with these eye-catching floor clings as they explore the Exhibit Hall. Just provide your logo, and we'll take care of the rest, making your presence impossible to miss.

Advertising Opportunities in Attendee Communications

Keep your company's message and booth presence on attendees' minds before, during and after ACEP24 with a variety of advertising opportunity in attendee communications.

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