September 25, 2019

Evolving Emergency Care with Technology and Data Driven Quality

2019 has been a busy year for ACEP and CEDR!

CEDR is poised to cross 250 practice groups representing more than 1,000 individual emergency departments. This is a true testament to the confidence of participating groups in CEDR and its capabilities.

CEDR continues to evolve from being a CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) compliance tool to a more robust future data-driven quality improvement platform. With more than 50 million visits in the CEDR data store, it’s only the beginning of the big data journey for Emergency Medicine. It is ACEP’s humble beginning towards a long-term digital transformation.

A joint ACEP and EMF Data Summit was held at ACEP headquarters on July 7, 2019. The goal of the summit was to define the requirements, scope, and approach for building a data analytics platform to enable research of CEDR data to:

  • Support improvements in the clinical practice of Emergency Medicine
  • Increase efficiency in the Emergency Department
  • Provide data for disease management and research
  • Improve clinical outcomes for patients and the community at large

EMF has an interest in ensuring that the CEDR Data Analytics Platform is adequately developed to allow emergency medicine researchers and other entities (such as government agencies, pharmaceutical and device companies, and researchers from other disciplines) access to valid data. This is a tremendous opportunity for both ACEP and EMF to not only shape the direction of Emergency Medicine research but also design an efficient process for related funding.

ACEP has already begun the identification of the data domains based on existing knowledge of the current CEDR data feeds in place. Concurrently, the ACEP team is engaged in discussions with Healthcare IT partners with specific expertise in big data analytics for the healthcare market.

Another exciting development was ACEP’s Health IT Summit held in Dallas on July 8, 2019. Here is a synopsis of this event:

The theme was “Evolving Emergency Care with Technology”.

The background for the summit recognized that the landscape of emergency medicine and acute care is transforming rapidly, and change can be difficult to predict. The American College of Emergency Physicians – the leader in emergency medicine innovation – is taking the same pioneering spirit of its founders to discover new paths into the future.

The participants gained insight into the emergency physician’s perspective on where the future lies and align their roadmaps to ACEP’S vision during this summit of industry thought-leaders.

Participants collaborated with ACEP not only to develop a 10-year vision and tactical 3-year roadmap for the future of emergency medicine, but also to become ACEP’s partners as we blaze new trails.

Objectives for the HIT Summit

  • Provide a collaboration platform for Industry to share thoughts for improvements in the clinical practice of Emergency Medicine
  • Build a 10-year vision and 3-year roadmap for digital transformation of the acute care continuum
  • Find new partners to collaborate on the digital transformation goals/agenda
  • Establish ACEP’s credibility as a leading organization to drive the change

In closing, the footprint for CEDR continues to grow with an expanded participant base. A recent CEDR Participant Experience Survey shows promising progress towards enhanced satisfaction with the value being derived by participants. There is renewed interest from Academia and the research community to engage and participate. CEDR is the foundation for the future of quality-driven emergency care.