September 23, 2019

CEDR Marketing and Communication 3 Year Plan is Unveiled

This article presents a brief introduction of the marketing and communication plan unveiled during the CEDR committee May 2018 meeting.

In the face of CEDR’s continuing rapid growth a strategic plan has been developed to support its expansion for the next three years. It is currently a template of high-level objectives which are being translated into actionable
strategies and tasks in the weeks ahead. Pankaj Kapoor, CEDR Sales and Operations manager, Dr. Pawan Goyal, ACEP Associate Executive Director, and Dr. Lum, CEDR Member Outreach, Recruitment, & Marketing Subcommittee Chair have been involved in its development.

The plan covers two broad areas- marketing and member communication.

Marketing includes recruitment of prospective ED participant groups to CEDR. The marketing plan aims to promote the CEDR brand through a distinctive logo, compelling tagline, and effective positive messaging. These components are all under current review by the CEDR management team.

Communication addresses the challenges for both enhanced outreach and communication among the growing network of CEDR participant groups. Staff projects 175 customer groups, 750 ED’s, 12,000 providers and 20,000,000 ED visits in CEDR by end of 2018. We are focusing on multiple channels- website, newsletter, webinars, and articles/publications - to convey important information in a timely fashion. We are reviewing these
same sources and internal CEDR components such as the dashboard to provide more outreach services. The operations team and this sub-committee continue to use the feedback from the 2016 and 2017 participant
experience surveys to inform improvement and enhancement of support and implementation services for our CEDR customers at all levels- the group, team and individual.

Another important priority is robust, interactive, real-time networking among the members of the CEDR community including the CEDR committee, ACEP CEDR staff, technology partner, Figmd, and the participant groups. A key step is the development of an online CEDR users group/community. The operations team is identifying key stakeholder sub-groups within the participating groups for the user’s group, i.e. IT, hospital executives/upper management (C Suite), quality managers, physician leaders, EHR managers/revenue cycle co
managers, and nurse managers. Currently, Dr. Lum and CEDR operations team are exploring the new ACEP platform ACEP engagED to see how it can be adapted and scaled to support such a user group and the larger CEDR participant group community.